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How are the products delivered?

Since all our products are digital products, if you bought an instant delivery product your order will be sent to the email address you specified on the checkout page.

I bought the product, when will it be delivered?

If you bought an instant delivery product your orders will be sent instantly or between 6:30 pm and 3:30 am
Pacific Time (PT) to your submitted email address everyday.

I have problem with activation what now?

Don’t worry about any problem we can solve them all. You can contact with support via live chat or email during work hours and our tech support team will solve your problem for you via instructions or connecting to your pc via Ammyy remote desktop program.

Is secure?

All connection between your browser and our servers is secured using SSL technology. We never collect or save your billing information on our server. Your credit card information is directly and securely submitted from your web browser to the PayPal Payment Processor. Credit card payments are extra secured with 3D verification.

When can I get support?

Our live tech support online between 6:30 pm and 3:30 am Pacific Time (PT) for all days. Always feel free to send an email to [email protected]

Will my purchased licenses get updates?

Since your products are genuine Microsoft licenses, you can get all the updates without any problems.

Do you have discounts for bulk orders?

For bulk orders more than 10 please contact us for discount.

I have no information about installation what can I do?

The activation instruction will be send along with product key.

Can I order without being a register?

You do not have to be a member to shop on our site. However, as a member, you can benefit from the special advantages.

Why my payment keep getting denied?

Our Credit Card payments are secured with 3D so please be sure you complete 3D verification during checkout. If you still have trouble to complete the payment your bank may not permit for transaction so you can contact with your bank to solve the issue or you can try with another card or try with paypal checkout option. you don’t need to have paypal account to pay with your card.
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